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About Us

EFCO is a proactive search firm that is part of the overall solution

Searches have been performed for individuals of every aspect of the IT community (sales, sales management, systems support, product management, and all of the executive positions that control these functions).  We work with the client to bring objective insights to the process of filling a key position. Not every successful individual guarantee that they will bring success with them. 

It is critical to understand the culture of the client.

Our relationships include vendors of Computer Hardware, Software, Professional Services, Communications, and Consulting. 

Our understanding of complex issues, and the ability to identify top talent, is the skill we bring to a client. We don’t promise miracles, nor practice magic, just dedicated excellence, and ca commitment to succeed for our clients and ourselves. We know the market and can produce as fast as the client finds necessary.

Our product and people’s understanding can be key to your success.


EFCO Consultants Inc.

EFCO Consultants Inc. has, since 1968, been providing executive search and consulting services to the Information Technology community. We have earned our enviable reputation by striving for excellence, and succeeding, one individual at a time. Through a unique network of associates we have assisted our clients in matters beyond recruiting. As an example:

  • Compensation Studies
  • Venture Capital Introductions
  • Alternative Channels Introductions
  • Acquisitions

We understand the markets and how good companies succeed with a combination of top talent and the right product or service. With the utmost discretion and consideration, we will locate the best candidate for the position you wish to fill, utilizing more than just our data base. The ability to interpret the elements and skill a company seeks and needs to do the job, is one which only comes through experience.


Over the past 40 years, EFCO has built itself into one of the United States leading information technology placement and consulting firms. We recruit for a wide variety of practices & industries in every aspect of the IT community, especially the Storage, Security, Networking, ERP, Database, Electronics Hardware & Software spaces.

Positions include: Sales, Tech sales, Systems engineering/support, Pre & Post Sales, PM & all of the executive positions that control these functions.

Our Mission

Efco specializes in the placement of Information Technology professionals. If you’re a candidate seeking full–time employment in the IT field, we’ll put forth every effort to place you as quickly as possible, at terms that work for you. If you represent a company seeking full–time employees, we’ll do everything we can to find you the right candidate, right away. Whether you are a job candidate, a small business owner, or an HR professional, EFCO Consultants is dedicated to ensuring that you will never become “just another client.” We know that long-term personal attention is crucial to customer satisfaction.


To help us better understand your needs and abilities, please send us your resume. Please note that we prefer you to have a minimum of 5 years of IT experience.

At Efco, we hold your information in the strictest confidence. We will not release your resume to any employer without your explicit consent.

Submit your resume:

Fees and Our Guarantee:

Our fees are competitive. They reflect a fraction of the cost, time and energy you or your executives would expend were you to conduct this selective process entirely on your own. We will unconditionally guarantee the successful candidate for thirty (30) days from date of hire. We look forward to serving your staffing needs in the near future.

EFCO’s only goal is putting IT professionals to work and be the one place IT or HR managers can count on and call when they need help.

We recruit and Place Professionals from Start Up to Global 1000 enterprises. Our clients and candidates have been coming back to us for years, because we provide the professional, ethical, and most importantly personal service which they both demand and deserve.

From New York to San Francisco, and everywhere in between, EFCO has a location to serve and support your recruiting needs.